Tuesday, May 9, 2017

coconut ice [recipe]

with mothers day just around the corner i was inspired to step into the kitchen and make a sweet treat that my mum use to make for me when i was little. definitly not a healthy treat if thats what your into. this is basically one big cube of sugar. but they are just such pretty little things. you could even make these as a gift for your own mum for mothers day if you wanted too. super simple. no baking required.


two cups of icing sugar
two cups of coconut
160ml of condensed milk
pink food coloring


> add the icing sugar, coconut & condensed milk into a mixing bowl
> mix until combined (you might need to use your hands)
> divide mixture in half
> add tiny amount of pink food colouring to one half and mix (use your hands again, its quicker)
> press white mix into a pan
> press the pink mix on top of the white mix
> put into the fridge to set
> once its hardened, it only took mine an hour, cut it up into little squares and enjoy

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