Tuesday, May 16, 2017

5 ways to reduce your phone usage

these days so much of our time is being taken up by our phones. some people might not see an issue with this. it's just the way the world is now. but personally its something i find to be a negative in my life and i have put a little work in to cut down on the amount of time i waste on my phone. so here are a few changes i have made over the past year or so to make that happen.

turn OFF notifications
this is by far the easiest step in reducing the amount of time you use your phone. just turn off the notifications. this will stop you from being interrupted constantly by the little beeps and flashes that are vying for your attention all day long. 

stop checking email on your phone
it's unlikely that an email can't wait until you're able to sit down at your computer. if it was really that urgent then the sender would call you. just one less thing you need to pick your phone up for. 

don't use your phone when talking to other people
i hate going to visit somebody and they are just sat on their phone checking their socials the entire time. i find it completely ridiculous to go out to a restaurant and just have everyone sitting around the table playing on their phones. have you tried talking to somebody while they are using their phone? they are not present in the conversation they are having with you. say whatever you want, they probably won't hear you. and please, don't start chatting away on the phone when you're in the middle of getting customer service.
we are still going to get our phones out to take a picture of our meal at a restaurant. or to google who that actor was in that movie we're talking to our friend about. but to sit there and check your facebook or your instagram or whatever else while your supposed to be spending time with or just talking to somebody else is pretty rude.
and unfortunately i still do it, usually only to the people i am closest too, but i am getting better at stopping this bad habit.

don't use your phone at meal times
kind of like not using your phone at a restaurant. stop using your phone at meal times. whether you are by yourself or with your family or significant other. enjoy your food and just enjoy being present. this simple step will help you reduce the amount of time you spend mindlessly scrolling through your phone.

have a specific place to put your phone
most people have a spot where they put their things when they get home. maybe your keys go in a bowl or on a hook. maybe you put your bag away in a certain spot. do the same with your phone. have a place for it instead of carrying it around the house with you. turn it up loud so you can hear it if it rings but have it in its own little spot where you will be less tempted to start using it. 

how do you feel about your own phone usage and have you ever made changes like these to help you claim your time back?

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