Tuesday, March 28, 2017

how to prepare your toddlers wardrobe for the coming season

Kids grow so quickly that by the time the weather changes from hot to cold they no longer fit their last season clothing. I like to be prepared. So the following is what I do to stay organised.

Pull everything out and go through every item of clothing. Sort into the following piles.
DONATE: For items that no longer fit.
DAYCARE: For items that still fit but have slight stains, maybe they are slightly faded or misshapen. Basically anything thats still alright but you wouldn't care if it got ruined, which seems to happen to clothes worn to daycare.
KEEP: The clothes that still fit and are not ruined in any way.
TRASH: Clothes that are damaged beyond repair. The stuff so bad you can't even donate it.

Donate the clothes for donation. Throw out the trash clothes. Put away the clothing especially for daycare.

Spread out all the "keep" clothing and really think about what is missing for the upcoming change in weather. For example, we are moving into our cold season so I had to think about adding more layers. Did I have enough jackets? Pants? Maybe I need some gumboots for rainy days. Also consider the "style" and the colours so you don't end up with things that don't match.

Don't just go shopping. You are guaranteed to spend way too much money and you probably won't get what you need. Make a list of the things that are missing from your toddlers wardrobe and be specific if you can. For example, I knew that I wanted to add a thick knit cardigan to the mix. So that is what I wrote down instead of just "cardigan". I was also specific about colour so I knew that it would match with the clothes I already have.

If you can, shop at the beginning of the season. I find if I leave it to late it's really hard to find what I'm looking for because all the good stuff is already gone. I also like to check out the online stores of the shops I'm thinking of visiting to see if they actually have what I want. You can also compare prices this way too.
Stick to your list & don't be afraid to have a look in the boys section if your shopping for a girl. You can find a lot more neautral colours in there if you want to stay away from all the pink and the glitter. I could not find a single cardigan in the girls section that wasn't pink or purple or glittered. I often buy pants, shorts and jackets from the boys section instead because I just like them much better. 

And there you have it. Organised!

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